The Interdisciplinary Studies in Medicine Minor in the McCollough Institute for Pre-Medical Scholars is a 20-hour course of study devoted to the complex art of the practice of medicine.  McCollough Scholars will study the history and philosophy of medicine to develop an understanding of the role of medical practice in the broader context of society and the good life.  The two foundations courses will be devoted to this goal: understanding the history and philosophy of medicine and the promises and perils of medical practice.  The minor will continue with three elective seminars drawn on from a list of existing courses in the College of Arts and Sciences.  The minor will finish with a capstone seminar on an aspect of the medical practice.  In addition to these main courses, McCollough Scholars will gather the first semester of freshman year and the last semester of senior year for a one hour convocation class. 

Interdisciplinary Studies in Medicine Minor Hours
Required Courses:
IDMD 100Convocation1
IDMD 101Medical Foundations I3
IDMD 102Medical Foundations II3
IDMD 400Senior Convocation1
IDMD 401Capstone Seminar3
Pick 3 of the following electives (total of 9 credit hours)9
Figurative Modeling
Anthropology of CAM
Culture, Health, and Healing
Health Care Economics
Business Finance
Epidemics! A History of Medicine
Seminar in Medical Ethics
Philosophy of Mental Health
Philosophy of Medicine
The Politics of Health Policy
Behavioral Medicine
Total Hours20