University of Alabama students are classified as follows:

Undergraduate Students

Freshman 0-30.999 semester credit hours earned
Sophomore 31-60.999 semester credit hours earned
Junior 61-90.999 semester credit hours earned
Senior 91 or more semester credit hours earned

Law Students

First-year law student Less than 27 hours earned in law courses
Second-year law student 27 hours earned in law courses
Third-year law student 54 hours earned in law courses

Upper Division and Lower Division

Certain colleges and schools within the University recognize two enrollment categories, upper division and lower division. To progress from the lower division to the upper division in any college or school, the student must meet all requirements specified by that college or school. Admission to the lower division in a college or school does not guarantee progression to the upper division. Each student should consult academic advisors in the college or school of his or her enrollment to learn about the requirements for progression to the upper division.