The Statistics minor equips students with a general introduction to statistical theory followed by further training in statistical methods and computational statistics. Through this minor, students will gain the skills necessary to participate in statistical analysis and data science in business, engineering, or scientific fields and greatly enhance their preparedness for graduate school in disciplines involving quantitative analysis. The Statistics minor is an excellent counterpart to any undergraduate program at The University of Alabama.

Statistics minor

ST 260Statistical Data Analysis3
ST 452Applied Regression Analysis3
ST 454Mathematical Statistics I3
ST 455Mathematical Statistics II3
Choose 1 course from the following list:3
Stat Prog & Comp with R
Intro Stat Learn & Data Mining
Statistical Data Management
Data Mining I
Stat Prog & Comp with R
Intro Stat Learn & Data Mining
Appld Multivariate Analy
Applied Design Expermnts
Statistl Quality Control
Special Topics
Total Hours15