Management is a field that focuses on the crucial processes by which the resources of an organization are systematically directed toward the achievement of its mission. Management majors gain the flexibility to apply their skills in a variety of settings. Some management graduates start their own companies, others go to work in small business environments or begin their professional careers as management trainees in large organizations.

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Professor Louis D. Marino, Department Head
Office: 104 Alston Hall

Every successful person, at some point, has to manage others. Some people experience this early in their careers when they are appointed to lead a key team on a major project. Others may encounter the experience later as a successful business venture requires hiring additional people. No matter when it happens, you will likely need, use, and desire skills taught within the Department of Management.

Students enrolled in management courses hone skills and add to their knowledge base through courses in leadership, innovation, communication, and decision making. The content taught within these classes is supplemented by the latest trends in technology and by the global perspective necessary for success in today’s multicultural world.

Faculty within the Department of Management stay on the leading edge of current trends and research findings and remain dedicated to making sure that each student has a meaningful educational experience in all of our classes.

The Department of Management includes these programs:


Chair and Professor of Management
  • Louis Marino
  • Daniel Bachrach
  • Ronald Dulek
  • William Jackson, III
  • Russell Matthews
  • A.J. Strickland, III
  • Theresa Welbourne
  • Marilyn Whitman
  • Eric Williams
Associate professors
  • Craig Armstrong
  • Paul Drnevich
  • Thomas English
  • Michael Ford
  • Vishal Gupta
  • Peter Harms
  • Jeffrey Martin
  • Maura Mills
  • Jefrey Naidoo
Assistant professors
  • Justin DeSimone
  • Dwight Lewis
  • Kimberly Stowers
Senior Instructors
  • Larry Baldwin
  • Chapman Greer
  • Gorman Houston
  • Joyce Meyer
  • Rachel Smallwood
  • Jessica Crew
  • Sarah Miesse
  • Seth Miesse
  • Heather Shipley
  • Regina Simpson
  • E. Barden Smedburg Jr.
  • Kimberley Williams


Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Ideation

Provide students with the skills necessary to apply business creativity in developing innovative solutions to problems in uncertain and dynamic business environments.

Introduction to Health Systems

Detailed study of components of the health care delivery system in the United States. The course emphasizes history, roles, and interactions of the various providers, consumers, and governments.

Prerequisite(s): (EN 101 or 120) and (EN 102 or EN 121 or EN 103 or EN 104) and (MATH 121 or MATH 125 or MATH 145) and EC 110 and EC 111 and AC 210 and LGS 200 and ST 260
Prerequisite(s) with concurrency: MGT 300
Professional Development Series I: Exploring Your Path

This course is open to incoming Culverhouse College of Business freshmen and provides an introduction to the nature of higher education and professional development competencies. This course also provides an introduction to the functions, resources, and activities of the University of Alabama. This course is designed to help students make the transition to a large comprehensive research university, develop a better understanding of the learning process, acquire academic success skills, and adopt methods for being successful in college. The goal of this course is to equip each student with the basic skills necessary for degree attainment and provide an introduction to professional competencies for student development and career success.

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