The management minor is a five-course sequence which provides students the opportunity to develop analytical and interpersonal skills necessary to focus an organization’s crucial processes on the achievement of its mission. Students in this minor will learn and practice key leadership, teamwork and innovation skills necessary to efficiently organize and employ an organization’s assets, especially its human capital, in a manner appropriate to both established firms and newly created ventures. This minor is a valuable addition to any course of study at the University of Alabama as it teaches students how to work with and through others to achieve critical goals.

This minor is not available to students who are pursuing a major in Management.

Code and Title Hours
MGT 300Org Theory & Behavior3
MGT 301Intro to HR Management3
MGT 320Leadership and Ethics3
MGT 386Foundations of Entrepreneurshp3
Choose one course from the following list:3
Introduction to World Business
Multinat'l Bus. Communication
Management Presentations
Organizational Change
Corp. Entrprnrshp & Innovation
Leadership Communication
Effective Negotiations
Employee Recruitment, Selection, and Placement
An approved 300/400 level course in MGT
Total Hours15