The Finance minor is intended for students who have an interest in developing a strong foundation in financial decision-making by offering courses designed to develop the student's analytical skills and financial problem solving abilities. Such skills can broaden a students career opportunities, as most business decisions are financially based. These same skills are also important when making personal investment decisions, regardless of career.  The minor  is especially valuable for students preparing for an MBA, or in engineering and the natural and physical sciences, as well as students considering graduate work in business.   A Finance minor helps prepare students to apply their major degree to fields such as banking, financial services, corporate finance, investment management, real estate, insurance enterprise risk management and consulting.   

This minor is not available to students pursuing majors in Economics or Finance.

Finance minor

FI 301Intro Financial Inst. & Mkts3
FI 410Intermediate Financial Mgt3
FI 412Money & Capital Markets3
FI 414Investments3
Choose 1 course from the following list:3
Advanced Investment Topics
Value Investing Principles
Financial Derivatives
Bank Administration
International Finance
Total Hours15