Air Force ROTC prepares young men and women to become officers in the U.S. Air Force, but it’s also much more. Students grow mentally and physically as they acquire strong leadership skills that will benefit them not only in the military but in life. They'll develop lifelong friendships and have unique experiences. Plus, unlike many college students, Air Force ROTC students have a management position waiting for them after graduation in one of the world’s top high-tech organizations—the U.S. Air Force. Air Force ROTC is a college-level program that augments a student's academic degree program and focuses on developing top quality leaders. ROTC courses are considered electives for which students receive academic credit.

To become Commissioned Officers in the U.S. Air Force through AFROTC, students must enroll in the three- or four-year program that includes registering for Air Force Studies academic courses and leadership laboratory, participating in physical training and meeting other military eligibility criteria. Although the three-year program is available, it is competitive; therefore, it’s a good idea for students to enroll in AFROTC at the same time they enroll in their first college courses (freshman year). 

If students are not sure they want to become commissioned officers in the Air Force, they can try out the program. They will have people challenging and helping them to accomplish their personal best in academics and physical fitness. Whether a student is just trying the program out or he or she has the desire to commission, there is no commitment to the Air Force when enrolling in the program.

Students are furnished uniforms and other necessary items through the AFROTC supply officer. At the end of the academic year or upon a student’s withdrawal, uniforms and all other supplies must be returned to AFROTC within 72 hours.  Uniforms must be dry cleaned prior to turn in. Students who fail to return required items to the detachment will receive a "hold" on their student account until all items are returned.