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Army ROTC is a college elective focusing on leadership and management skills. The ROTC program consists of the Basic Course and the Advanced Course. The Basic Course provides college students the opportunity to learn about and experience the U.S. Army without incurring any military obligation during their freshman and sophomore years. The Advanced Course prepares juniors, seniors, and graduate students for commissioning as officers in the active U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.

Two-Year or Four-Year Program

The program in military science may be completed in either two or four years. The two-year program requires students to have a minimum of 54 semester hours and meet the qualifications to enter the Advanced Course. One of the following qualifications are required to enroll in the Advanced Course:  Complete ROTC Basic Course, Cadet Initial Training, 4 Years JROTC, or Completion of Basic Training. All students entering the Advanced Course must be eligible to contract with the Army.

Basic Course

The Basic Course refers to freshman- and sophomore-level military science electives. Students wishing to enter the Basic Course simply register for one or more of the course electives. There is no military obligation incurred by taking these electives for freshman students or non-scholarship sophomores. The minimum electives necessary for completing the Basic Course follow:

MIL 110Leadership/Natl Security1
MIL 111Leadership Application I1
MIL 120Foundatn Leadershp Team Develm1
MIL 121Leadership Development1
MIL 210Basic Leadership Skills2
MIL 211Basic Leadership Development1
MIL 220Military Leadership Skills2
MIL 221Mil Leadership Mgt Applicn II1
MIL 335American Military Experience3
Total Hours13

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course consists of junior- and senior-level Military Science electives. The course requires students to take the electives in sequence, unless authorized by the professor of military science, and complete Advance Camp. Advance Camp is a paid, 32-day leadership evaluation course conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during the summer between the junior and senior years. The Advanced Course consists of the following core courses:

MIL 310Small Unit Tactical Leadership3
MIL 311Small Unit Leader Appl Lab I1
MIL 320Advanced Leadership Skills3
MIL 321Small Unit Leader Appl Lab II1
MIL 410Military Science IV3
MIL 411Adv Leadership Applicatn Lab I1
MIL 420Military Science IV3
MIL 421Adv Leadersh Applicatn Lab II1
MIL 493Risk Management and Safety1
MIL 494Academic Mentorship Program1
Total Hours18

Army ROTC Scholarship Program

Army ROTC offers two-, three-, and four-year scholarships. The scholarships pay 100 percent resident or nonresident tuition, $1,200 per year for books, and a monthly tax-free stipend for 10 months of the year ($300 per month for freshmen, $350 per month for sophomores, $450 per month for juniors, and $500 per month for seniors). All enrolled cadets also are eligible to compete for a number of awards provided by alumni endowments, ranging from $200 to $1,000 per year. Army ROTC selects freshman scholars based on high school GPAs, ACT or SAT scores, class standing, extracurricular activities, and scholarship interviews. High school students can apply online for four-year scholarships at The deadline for four-year scholarship applications is typically January 1.

Two- and three-year scholarship selections (undergraduates and graduate students) are based on college GPA, Army Physical Fitness Test scores, leadership potential, and scholarship interviews. Initial selections for two- and three-year scholarships are made in late April. Applications for campus-based scholarships are accepted year-round at the Military Science Department, 610 Capstone Drive, located adjacent to the Alabama Museum of Natural History. Interested applicants should contact the Army ROTC department at 205-348-1056 or via

Army ROTC Stipend

All Army ROTC sophomores, juniors, and seniors who meet the eligibility requirements for contracting are eligible for a tax-free stipend for 10 months of the year ($350 per month for sophomores, $450 per month for juniors, and $500 per month for seniors). Eligibility requirements include a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0; passage of the Army Physical Fitness Test; meeting DODMERB physical exam qualifications; and being a U.S. citizen, full-time student, and of good moral character.

Degree Credit

All Army ROTC courses are fully accredited University classes. Credit for these courses can be applied toward elective credit or a minor in Civic Engagement and Leadership (CEL) through the College of Arts and Sciences. This minor consists of 19 semester hours, of which at least six hours must be 300- or 400-level courses. In addition, students must take PHL 292 Introduction to Ethics or PHL 221 Honors Introduction to Ethics and NEW 237 Social Problems and Social Change or NEW 238 Social Problems and Social Change. Students may apply up to 12 semester hours of military science courses toward the civic engagement and leadership minor. It is recommended that Army ROTC cadets apply credit for MIL 310 Small Unit Tactical Leadership, MIL 320 Advanced Leadership Skills, MIL 410 Military Science IV and MIL 420 Military Science IV toward this minor and take PHL 292 Introduction to Ethics or PHL 221 Honors Introduction to Ethics and NEW 237 Social Problems and Social Change or NEW 238 Social Problems and Social Change. This course of action provides 12 semester hours of credit toward the minor, meets the 300- or 400-level course requirements, and provides core degree credit for a humanities course. For additional details, please contact the Military Science Department at 205-348-1056.