The educational specialist program in Elementary Education leads to Class AA Elementary certification.

The Graduate Catalog is published annually. State-approved program checklists may be updated more frequently and are thus likely to provide the most up-to date information about requirements. A current program checklist may be obtained from the program office in 204 Graves Hall. Students should consult their advisors each semester before registering.

Admission Requirements

Admission requires master's level certification in Elementary Education. An applicant who holds both Class B Elementary certification AND Class A Reading is also eligible.

An entrance exam score (at least 300 on the GRE or the 50th percentile or above on the MAT) is needed for regular admission.

Admission requirements for the Graduate School (Admission Criteria) and the College of Education (General Admission) are detailed in earlier sections of this catalog.

Degree Requirements

This course listing applies to those who begin this program June 1, 2017. Candidates earning graduate credit prior to this date may elect to utilize this program. A minimum of 30 hrs of appropriate work beyond the MA degree and the completion of a comprehensive exam are required for the educational specialist degree. Candidates must present a GPA of at least 3.50 on all courses in the program, with no grade below a C.

Foundations of Professional Studies:
(Choose one of the following SDE approved diversity courses.)3
History Of Amer Educn
Sociology Of Education
Multicultural Education
Found Educn Through Film
Readings In Soc Of Ed
Critical Race Theory In Educ
Multicult Soc Ed Leadershp
Ethics And Education
Educational Research: 1, 2
(Choose ONE from the following.)3
Statistical Methods In Educ
Quant Research Methods
Survey Research In Educ
Inqry As Interp: Qual I
BER 550 is required, in addition to another Educ Research choice, IF an evaluation of teaching and learning course was not part of the undergraduate program or another graduate program.
Teaching Field:
CIE 625Res Sem Science Curriculum3
CIE 626Res Sem Social Studies Curricl3
CIE 680Sem In Math Educ Research3
CRD 690Advanced Seminar Crd3
Additional Requirements:3
Design Res Classrm Teach
or additional research course approved by advisor
Advisor-approved elective3
Special Education Coursework:
SPE 500 is only required if a special education survey course was not part of the undergraduate program or another graduate program.0-3
Action Research (These courses are offered as the last courses in the program.):
CEE 687Topical Research Review3
CEE 697Specialist Degree Res3
Total Hours30-33

1BER 500 Intro Educatn Research or the equivalent is required before beginning the research courses.

2The research courses must be taken before CEE 687 Topical Research Review.

A current program checklist may be obtained from the departmental office in 204 Graves Hall.  A maximum of 6 hrs of approved transfer credit (maximum of nine hours from UAB/UAH) may be applied toward the degree.


The Alabama State Board of Education grants Class AA professional educator certification in Elementary (K-6). To be eligible, candidates must hold appropriate, prerequisite Class A certification and must complete all requirements for the EDS degree as described in this catalog, including a comprehensive exam. According to Alabama regulations, individuals admitted to a Class AA program based on a professional educator certificate from another state must earn the prerequisite Alabama certification before applying for Alabama Class AA (specialist level) certification.