Population health is an interdisciplinary field that integrates clinical care and public health practices to prevent, reduce and manage human disease. Population health is particularly interested in the social determinants of health outcomes, and why the distribution of social health determinants is different between population groups. The changing nature of health care due to population shifts and policy reform has created a rising demand for a graduate degree in Population Health. Graduates of the MS program are trained to address the health needs of diverse communities and are equipped with data-driven strategies to help transform health care.

Both in-person and online program options are offered. Our in-person program attracts a small cohort of students desiring an intensive 1-year experience to prepare them for additional graduate educational opportunities, such as medical school or PhD programs. The online program allows individuals across the country to pursue a degree while working full time. Both the in-person and online programs allow us to train future and current health care practitioners in data analytics, research methods, and evidence-based approaches to combating health disparities. Population health is an interdisciplinary field, and our degree is beneficial for future and current health professionals, health systems administrators, and others interested in health outcomes research, evidence-based care, and health system redesign.