Department of Human Nutrition and Hospitality Management

The University of Alabama recognized the importance of nutrition and health for individuals and families early in its history. UA has offered students pathways to pursue studies in nutrition, dietetics, and related fields for almost 90 years. The UA Food and Nutrition major is a cornerstone program in the state of Alabama and the nation. Faculty members in the Department bring years of industry and research experience to the classroom. Each student is assigned an individual faculty advisor who guides the student’s academic career during his or her years at the Capstone. Students also may participate in one of several student organizations within the Department, each of which is guided by a faculty member. Students in food and nutrition all graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences degree. Students in the major may choose among one of four options - didactic program in dietetics leading to a dietetic internship, didactic program in dietetics only, coordinated program in dietetics, or nutrition sciences concentration.

Travel, tourism, and hospitality play an import role in our society. The Hospitality Management program at The University of Alabama offers students a comprehensive education encompassing all aspects of the hospitality, sport, and event management industry. The strength of the program lies in coursework with experiential learning. Our students build a competitive edge through internships which apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting. Faculty members with strong connections to industry leaders have helped to place interns in positions around the nation and abroad from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Auckland, New Zealand.  Students may choose one of four concentrations -  Sport, Entertainment and Event Management, Food and Beverage, Hotel/Lodging, and Meetings and Events.

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It is important for students to obtain the list of specific courses to be taken each semester from the department. Many of the courses in the major must be taken in a prescribed sequence, and most are offered only once each year.


The University Club

On April 1, 2012 the College of Human Environmental Sciences assumed the day-to-day leadership and management functions of The University Club, located on Queen City Avenue near downtown Tuscaloosa. The University Club was built on land reserved in 1819 by the Congress of the United States as part of a donation to endow “a seminary of learning” for the state of Alabama. In 1834 the current home was constructed by James Dearing, a steamboat captain and member of the Alabama Legislature. The home was occupied by Governor Arthur P. Bagby from 1834-1841 while he was governor of Alabama. The home was presented to The University of Alabama in 1944 by the Herbert David Warner and Mildred Westervelt Warner family to be used as a social center for faculty and staff.  For students, the University Club provides opportunities to enhance their learning experience and acquire knowledge outside of the classroom in an enriching and historical hospitality environment.


  • Kristi Crowe-White
  • Knol, Linda
  • Lawrence, Jeannine
  • Severt, Kimberly
  • Vincent, John
Associate Professors
  • Crowe-White, Kristi
  • Ellis, Amy
  • Jung, Seung Eun
  • Lewis, Melvin
  • Molaison, Elaine
  • Shin, Yeon Ho
  • Tan, Libo
  • Williams, Dylan
Assistant Professors
  • Azarmanesh, Deniz
  • Azrad, Maria
  • Blakey, Carla
  • Bopp, Trevor
  • Boyle, Kimberly
  • Douglas, Joy
  • Hylton, Tiffany
  • Kim, Haemi
  • Kong, Lingyan
  • Niuh, Alvin
  • Park, Han-A
  • Shin, Hhye Won
  • Stran, Kimberly
  • Blumenthal, Jason
  • Compston, Stephen
  • Dean, Angelique
  • DeSalvo, Denise
  • Greene, Lori
  • Johnson, David
  • McMahon, Shannon
  • Milstead, Morgan
  • McDonald, Lesley


Intro Human Nutrition

Introduction to principles of the science of nutrition, with implications for and applications to food selection for individuals of all ages.

Introduction to Hospitality Management

Introduction to the opportunities, theory, functions, and principles of management in the food service, meeting and events, and lodging industry. Examination of basic operational systems and problems related to the industry.

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