Minor in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Minors for College of Engineering Students

A student majoring in an engineering program may earn a minor in engineering or in another division of the University. Examples are chemistry, mathematics, and physics, which are offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, and the general business minor offered by the Culverhouse College of Business. Required courses and electives needed for an engineering or computer science degree may also count toward the minor. For additional information about minors and the courses required in them, see the appropriate sections of the undergraduate catalog.

Academic Policies for Minors

Academic criteria for a minor are determined by the division and program offering the minor. This includes prerequisite rules, minimum GPA and any academic standards. When a minor is optional, a student can withdraw from the minor at any time. Any minor attempted by a College of Engineering student must be completed at the time a Bachelor of Science degree is awarded. A student's graduation will not be delayed to complete an optional minor unless the student notifies the Engineering registrar prior to the degree certification deadline. Each College of Engineering department program should maintain a list of minor courses in their programs, together with effective dates, even if all courses in a program can be used in the minor.

Minor in Engineering for Other Students

Two types of minors in the College of Engineering are available to students enrolled in other divisions of the University. The minors require a minimum of 18 hours in engineering courses. The Type 1 minor is a specialized program in any of the College's engineering disciplines. Course requirements and advising are available from the appropriate department head, who will appoint an advisor for a student desiring this type of minor. The Type 2 minor is a general minor in engineering. The associate dean of engineering appoints an advisor for a student pursuing a Type 2 minor, which requires a minimum of 18 hours in courses chosen from a list available from the associate dean for academic programs.