Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering (ME) encompasses the design, analysis, testing, and manufacture of products used in modern society and the conversion of raw energy (fuel, solar, wind, nuclear) into useful power to drive machines and transportation vehicles. Mechanical engineers design components, machines, systems, and processes.

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Mechanical engineering is the most versatile engineering program. Mechanical engineers pursue careers in a wide variety of industries, research laboratories, educational activities, and government agencies. Mechanical engineering graduates can become involved in research, design, and management in industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy conservation, precision engineering, railroad, heavy machinery, manufacturing, food/forest products, textiles, paper, consumer appliances, robotics, nuclear and fossil power plants, electronics, computer automation, agriculture, heating and air-conditioning, construction, transportation, and mining. A significant number of mechanical engineering graduates use mechanical engineering as the foundation for careers in business administration, law, medicine, and other professions. Many graduates are also accepted for advanced study in mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, medicine, law, business administration, and dentistry.

Special Programs

Mechanical Engineering Program

The Mechanical Engineering Honors Program is part of the College of Engineering Honors Programs and is designed to provide an enhanced academic experience for highly motivated, high-achieving students. The program develops problem-solving, critical-thinking and communication skills through a mentored experience-based activity. Research is particularly encouraged. Students completing the ME Honors Program will be awarded a certificate and recognized at the Honors Day ceremony in the student’s senior year. Details can be found online at under the undergraduate program link.

Accelerated Master's Program (AMP)

The Accelerated Master's Program is intended for gifted and highly motivated candidates for BS degree in mechanical engineering at The University of Alabama whose objectives include degrees at the master's or doctoral level. In participating Accelerated Master's departments, with a closely integrated undergraduate and graduate program, qualified students apply for the program when they have earned 90 hours and meet other admission test score/GPA requirements begin graduate study in their senior year. Such a program may lead to simultaneous completion of requirements for both master's and bachelor's degrees, each within its specified framework. Students interested in AMP should contact the director of graduate programs in the department.

Undergraduate Research Program

The Supplemental Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program provides our students with an enhanced educational experience. This is achieved by teaming the student with a faculty mentor who will work with and guide the student as the student completes a structured research project. Participation in the SURE Program will:

  • sharpen the student’s critical thinking skills
  • enhance the student’s ability to apply engineering analysis techniques
  • improve the student’s ability to communicate technical information
  • increase the student’s confidence in his or her engineering skills
  • provide exposure to the graduate-level research environment

Details can be found online at under the undergraduate program link.

Cooperative Education

Many mechanical engineering students participate in the cooperative education program. This is an academic program where students alternate work terms in an engineering environment in industry with full-time terms of course work. Co-op can greatly enhance your academic experience and employment opportunities. More information can be found on the Cooperative Education and Professional Practice Program website,


Professor and Department Head
  • Jalili, Nader
Professor and Robert F. Barfield Endowed Chair
  • Agrawal, Ajay K.
Associate Professors
  • Ashford, Marcus
  • Fonseca, Daniel
  • Jordon, Brian
  • Krishnan, Sundar Rajan
  • Mahmoodi, Seyed Nima
  • O'Neil, Zheng
  • Puzinauskas, Paul
  • Shen, Xiangrong
  • Srinivasan, Kalyan Kumar
  • Todd, Beth A.
  • Williams, Keith
  • Yoon, Hwan-Sik
Assistant Professor
  • Allison, Paul G.
  • Bittle, Joshua A.
  • Cousin, Christian
  • Kasemer, Matthew
  • MacPhee, David W.
  • Uddi, Mruthunjaya 'Jay'
  • Vikas, Vishesh
  • Volkov, Alexey
  • Wang, Xuefeng
  • Balasubramanian, Bharat, Executive Director, Center for Advanced Vehicle Technology
  • Bell, Stuart, University of Alabama President
  • Daniewicz, Steve
  • Shepard, Steve
  • Woodbury, Keith A.
Professors Emeriti
  • Barfield, Robert F.
  • Doughty, Julian O.
  • Evces, Charles R.
  • Harrisberger, Lee
  • Kavanaugh, Steve
  • Parker, Joey K.
  • Taylor, Robert P


Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

An introduction to the discipline of mechanical engineering and the role of the mechanical engineer, including both mechanical and thermal/fluid stems. Focus is on learning about the discipline through a series of student hands-on activities.

Prerequisite(s): UA Math Placement Test Score of 370-439 or ACT Math Subscore of 28 or old SAT Math Subscore of 630 or new SAT Math Subscore of 650 or MATH 112
Prerequisite(s) with concurrency: MATH 113 or MATH 115 or MATH 125 or MATH 126 or MATH 145 or MATH 146 or MATH 227 or MATH 238
Thermodynamics I

Properties of matter; processes in fluids; zeroth; first and second laws; irreversibility.

Prerequisite(s): MATH 126 or MATH 146 or MATH 132

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