The Musical Audio Engineering (B.S.M.A.E.) degree program is designed to prepare students for the broadest spectrum of recording studio operations, the equipment used in recording studios, live recording environments, and in-depth understanding of equipment design, maintenance, and operations. Graduates of this program will not only be able to operate audio equipment, but they will be able to design audio equipment as skilled musicians.

Major Area (Music-Engineering)

MUS 340Intro Recording Techniq3
MUA 399Junior Recital1
MUA 499Senior Recital1
ECE 225Electric Circuits4
ECE 332Electronics I4
ECE 333Electronics II4
ECE 370Signals And Systems3
ECE 380Digital Logic4
ECE 383Microcomputers4
MUS 341Adv Rec Tech (Recording Techniques)3
MUS 308Pro Tools Essentials3
MUS 430Applied Recording10
ECE 327Audio Networks and Signals (Audio Networks and Signals)3
Total Hours47

Supportive Courses

MUS 115Theory I4
MUS 250Music In World Cultures3
MUS 351Fund Of Conducting2
MUA 010Music Convocation0
MUA 121Class Piano I1
MUA 122Class Piano II1
MUA 123Class Piano III1
MUA 124Class Piano IV1
MATH 125Calculus I4
MATH 126Calculus II4
MATH 227Calculus III4
MATH 237Introduction to Linear Algebra3
MATH 238Appld Diff Equations I3
PH 105General Physics W/Calc I4
PH 106General Physics W/Calc II4
CS 100CS I for Majors4
Secondary Instrument (100 Level)2
Secondary Instrument (200 Level)2
Large Ensembles (two semesters)2
Credit Hours Subtotal: 49

General Studies

Freshman Composition6
Foreign Language or CS7
Humanities and Fine Arts9
History, Social/Behavioral Sciences9
Natural Sciences8
Writing Designated Courses8
Credit Hours Subtotal: 65


ECE Elective (400 level)3
MUS Elective (300 or 400 level)3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 6