The Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) Honors Program is part of the College of Engineering Honors Program (COEHP). It is designed to challenge exceptionally talented students with an enriched educational experience. Students completing the AEM Honors Program will be awarded a certificate and recognized at the Honors Day ceremony in the student's senior year. Participation in the University Honors Program (UHP) is recommended but not a requirement. It is also possible for a student in the AE Honors Program to participate in the AEM Accelerated Master's Program (AMP); visit for more information. 

Dr. Semih Olcmen, Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Eligibility Requirements

  • must be a current UA aerospace engineering student
  • must apply to the program
  • must have a minimum 3.3 GPA (freshmen and transfer students must have a minimum 3.3 GPA on a 4.0 scale and an ACT score of 28 or SAT score of 1240; students not meeting this requirement may enter the program after they achieve a 3.3 GPA at the University)
  • Honors students must maintain a minimum 3.3 GPA to remain in the AE Honors Program

AEM Honors Program Requirements

Eighteen hours of Honors credits are required, with 12 hours minimum that may include either approved AEM graduate or 400-level courses taken as Honors-By-Contract1. Three of these 12 hours must be "experience-based."2

Approved Graduate Courses 

AEM 500Intermediate Fluid Mechanics3
AEM 508Propulsion Systems3
AEM 513Compressible Flow3
AEM 514Experimental Aerodynamics3
AEM 520Computational Fluid Dynamics3
AEM 528Space Propulsion3
AEM 552Composite Materials3
AEM 570Mechanical Vibrations3
AEM 574Structural Dynamics3

Other Honors Classes

A minimum of six additional hours of Honors classes must be taken that may include additional AEM Honors courses, CBH (Computer-Based Honors) classes, or UHP courses. If these six hours are designated UHP courses, the student will be recognized as completing UHP as well as COEHP requirements.

A BSAE degree is generally an entry level requirement for various careers such as design, development, testing and research in both the public and private sectors. This degree would also provide an excellent background for students wishing to attend graduate school in other areas of engineering, sciences, medicine, law or business. The program has successful graduates in all of these areas.

Types of Jobs Accepted

Aerospace Engineer, Aero Thermo Technology, Inc., Huntsville, AL; Structural Design Engineer at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems; Engineer at Teledyne Technologies, Huntsville, AL; graduate students at Purdue University, University of Texas-Austin, MIT and University of Alabama.

Jobs of Experienced Alumni

Senior Pre-sales Analyst at Cray Inc.; Director of Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center, Huntsville, AL; Systems Engineer (Sr. MTS) at The Aerospace Corp., El Segundo, CA; CEO of Aerotonomy, Inc., Atlanta, GA; former Chief Scientist of AFRL

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