As information technologies such as social media, artificial intelligence (AI), and interactive media have moved from the periphery to center stage, there is increased need for professionals who can accurately assess their impact and realize their potential to enhance our lives, work, and well-being.   The Informatics minor approaches information technology from a user-centered perspective with a focus on the analysis and design of socio-technical systems that store, process, and communicate information. The minor is designed for students who are interested in assessing information technology impacts and designing information structures and technology to solve complex social and organizational problems. 

The Informatics minor provides students with a curriculum that combines foundational knowledge and practical skills. Students develop the ability to analyze issues surrounding the social aspects of information through coursework that critically examines the foundational aspects of human-centered design and user needs and assessment. Through electives, students have the opportunity to further explore how information technologies, processes, practices and their biases impact broader social and organizational structures.