Department of Communication Studies

Majoring in communication studies contributes significantly to the personal growth and development of an individual. Cooperation, negotiation, and mutual understanding are the cornerstones of successful interpersonal relationships in the workplace, the family, and the community. Furthermore, the study of public communication encourages students to participate in civic affairs by equipping them with the critical skills necessary to evaluate social issues, express opinions, and assume positions of responsible leadership in a democratic society.

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Communication studies majors may choose from COM courses that meet the general requirements for the major, or they may focus their choices in one of the following areas of study: rhetoric and public discourse, interpersonal communication, organizational leadership, or communication and culture. Graduating with a degree in communication studies, students may pursue an array of professions, such as teaching, lobbying, human resources, sales, social work, the ministry, special events planning, or speech writing, or they may advance to graduate study in such fields as communication, education, management, or law.


  • D'Silva, Margaret U.
  • Bennett, Beth S.
  • D'Silva, Margaret U.
  • Gaines, Robert N.
  • Nelson, Mark D.
Associate professors
  • Bagley, Meredith
  • Boylorn, Robin M.
  • Carmack, Heather
  • Chilcutt, Alexa S.
  • Griffin, Darrin
  • Hartley, Sara
  • Meares, Mary M.
  • Pederson, Joshua
Assistant professors
  • Becker, Jennifer
  • Brooks, Adam Sharples
  • Butler, Sim
  • Harris, Nikita Y.
  • Jensen, Peter
  • LeFebvre, Leah
  • Ohl, Jessy
  • Parsons, Caroline
  • Peacock, Cynthia
  • Pyle, Benjamin
Senior Instructor
  • Billings, Angela
  • Harrison, Cory Paul
Professor emeritus
  • Harris, Thomas
Associate professor emeritus
  • Thompson, Frank M., Jr.


Rhetoric And Society

The impact of public discourse on the ideas and issues of culture and history. Offered in the fall semester. HU designation for university core curriculum.

Principles Human Communication

General introduction to communication studies as a way of understanding how humans coordinate social meaning and achieve communicative goals. The focus is on identifying the foundation of human communication and the functions of communication in everyday situations. Offered in the spring semester. SB designation for university core curriculum.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

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