Offered by the Department of Communication Studies, this 18 credit hour minor is designed to focus on courses that foster both understanding and development of leadership communication skills.  This minor combines the application of communication theory with practical skills and provides students with the opportunity to develop their own personal communication skills with diverse groups of people and in different contexts.

Minor in Leadership Communication Hours
One performance course:
COM 122 or Critical Decision Making or or 3
COM 121 Crit Decisn Makng Honors
COM 123 Public Speaking
COM 124 Honors Public Speaking
One of these courses:
COM 220 or Interpersonal Communication or or 3
COM 219 Honors Interpersonal Comm
COM 225 Small Group Communicatn
COM 250 Nonverbal Communication
Each of the following:
COM 320 or Truth, Ethics, and Deception3
COM 380 Influence
COM 350Organizatnl Communicatn3
COM 413 or Communication & Diversity3
COM 469 Communication & Gender
COM 455 or Leadership & Strategic Comm3
COM 460 Group Leadership
Total Hours18