Creative Media majors use all types of media to tell stories. Whether the genre is fiction or nonfiction, production or management, writing or video, students in Creative Media learn the skills needed to tell these stories in the most effective way possible. Students also examine the meaning of story and how it influences culture and society, and how culture and society influence the story itself. Students tell their stories through both digital media and social media, and may also study music or video games. Creative Media majors develop technical skills, managerial competence, reasoning ability, and ethical judgment so they can become leaders in the film industry. Our courses reflect a liberal arts and sciences orientation, with a professional focus.

Creative Media majors must complete 120 hours for graduation, 37 of which are within the major as outlined below. NOTE: Of the 120 hours required for this degree, 72 hours must be outside of JCM/MC/APR under our national accreditation guidelines.

In addition to the general education requirements in the University Core curriculum, creative media majors are required to complete 16 hours of JCM core classes and an additional nine credits of the creative media core classes, as outlined below. The final 12 credits for the major can be any 300-400-level class within JCM, following all pre-requisite rules as listed in the course catalog. Students also must complete a minor or a second major. Creative Media majors may not complete a minor offered by the Department of Journalism & Creative Media or the Department of Advertising & Public Relations.

Core Curriculum and General Education Requirements

Written Composition (6 credits)

EN 101English Composition3
EN 102 or English Composition (if eligible or by exam)3
EN 103 Advanced English Composition

Foreign Language or Computer Science (8 or 6 credits)

Foreign Language (FL) 18
Computer Science (CS) 1, 26

Humanities, Literature, and Fine Arts (12 credits)

Fine Arts (FA)3
Literature Sequence (L) 33
Humanities (HU) or (L) or (FA) 36

Natural Science and Mathematics (11 credits)

Natural Science (NS)8
Mathematics (MATH)3

History and Social/Behavioral Sciences (12 credits)

MC 101Intro To Mass Communic3
JCM 100Introduction to Story3
History (HI) 33
History (HI) or Social/Behavioral Sciences (SB) 33

Writing (6 credits)

Writing (W) 46

All JCM students are required to take the following core courses:

JCM Department Core (16 credits)More Information

JCM 100Introduction to Story3
JCM 102Fund. of Media Technology3
JCM 103Mechanics of Media Writing1
MC 101Intro To Mass Communic3
JCM 493Ethics and Diversity in Media3
Capstone Experience Course3
Total Hours16

Creative Media Major (9 credits)More Information

JCM 201Intro to Media Production3
JCM 212Film and Media Theory3
JCM 311 or Critical Study of Television or or 3
JCM 312 International Cinema
JCM 412 Seminar in American Cinema
JCM 414 Films and Ind. Cinema
Total Hours9

Creative Media Electives (12 credits)More Information

Students can take any JCM 300-400 classes to meet this requirement, assuming pre-reqs for those courses are met at the time of enrollment. 12

Creative Media Production Concentration (Application Only, 41 total credits-including 13 dept. core)

The creative media production concentration uses the JCM department core except for JCM 493 Ethics and Diversity in Media

Creative Media Production Concentration Core (10 credits)

JCM 201Intro to Media Production3
JCM 202Intro to Post Production3
JCM 346Short Film Writing3
JCM 381 or Digital Media Practicum1-3
JCM 383 Creative Media Internship

Critical Studies Course (select 3 credits)

JCM 311Critical Study of Television3
JCM 312International Cinema3
JCM 412Seminar in American Cinema3
JCM 414Films and Ind. Cinema3

Intermediate Production Coursework (select 3 credits)

JCM 350Advanced Videography3
JCM 387Production Crew3

Advanced Production Coursework (select 6 credits)

JCM 431Multicamera Production3
JCM 432Advanced Production3
JCM 433Advanced Post Production3
JCM 437Scene Directing3
JCM 438Capstone Directing/Producing3
JCM 441Adv. Documentary Production3
JCM 452C&IS in LA Part I3
JCM 453C&IS in LA Part II3

Production Series (select 6 credits - must take both parts)

JCM 471Senior Production Project I3
JCM 472Senior Production Projects II3
JCM 473Documenting Justice Part I3
JCM 474Documenting Justice-Part II3
JCM 475Anatomy of a Trial I3
JCM 476Anatomy of a Trial-II3
JCM 477Production House I3
JCM 478Production House II3

Creative media majors work in television, film, radio and internet, as directors, producers, videographers, editors, documentarians, production managers, lighting designers, film critics, program directors, marketing and promotion directors, technical directors, sound technicians, television critics, media sales reps, scriptwriters, entertainment interviewers, audience analysts, researchers, general managers and production assistants.

Types of Jobs Accepted

Entry-level jobs include videographers, editors, production assistants, media sales representatives, or office workers in programming or promotion. Authors, filmmakers, directors and producers often start in these jobs as they learn about the film business.

Jobs of Experienced Alumni

Our alumni hold top positions in media organizations and commonly become television directors, movie producers, national news reporters,and national sports reporters.

Learn more about opportunities in this field at the Career Center

Sample Curriculum for the Creative Media Major

EN 1013EN 1023
MC 1013JCM 1003
Humanities (HU) or (L) or (FA)3JCM 1023
Natural Science (NS)4Humanities (HU) or (L) or (FA)3
History (HI) or Social/Behavioral Sciences (SB)3Natural science (NS)4
 16 16
JCM 1031JCM 2013
JCM 2123Humanities (HU) or (L) or (FA)3
Humanities (HU) or (L) or (FA)3History (HI) or Social/Behavioral Sciences (SB)3
Mathematics (MATH)3Minor Course3
History (HI) or Social/Behavioral Sciences (SB) Elective3
 13 15
JCM 311, 312, 412, or 4143Foreign language or computer science (FL or C)3-4
Foreign Language (FL) or Computer Science (CS)3-4Minor Course3
JCM 300-400 Elective3Minor Course3
Minor Course3JCM 300-400 Elective6
Social Behavioral Sciences (SB)3 
 15-16 15-16
JCM 4933Minor Course3
Minor Course3Capstone Experience3
Minor Course3JCM 300-400 Elective3
JCM 300-400 Elective3Elective (as needed)6
Elective (as needed)3 
 15 15
Total Hours: 120-122