School of Social Work

The School of Social Work offers educational programs leading to the bachelor of social work, master of social work, and doctor of philosophy degrees. The mission of the School is to solve biopsychosocial problems, improve individual and social conditions, and promote justice and human dignity through teaching, research, and service.

At the master's level, the School prepares students for evidence-informed advanced social work practice and leadership roles. Students are prepared to plan, administer, deliver, and evaluate social services for citizens of the state, region, and nation. The doctor of philosophy program prepares students for research careers in social work. Students learn theory building, research methods, and critical evaluation of social work policies and practices. The faculty of the School engage in research and professional activities designed to enrich educational programs, improve social conditions, and meet needs of the state, region, and nation.

Degree Programs

Social Work, MSW

The School of Social Work offers a Master of Social Work and two coordinated degree programs. The MSW/MPH is offered in coordination with UAB Public Health.  The MSW/JD is offered in coordination with The University of Alabama Law School. More information can be found at the Social Work, MSW page (link above).

Social Work, PhD

The PhD program may be pursued concurrently with the MSW program. 

Social Work, DSW

The School of Social Work offers a Doctor of Social Work program.

Students will have an opportunity to apply for field in the MSW Program. We place students using a holistic perspective. Not only do we consider input from students, but we also consult with faculty, advisors, and the Field Committee.  

Most students have many questions about practicum. The Field Office is always available to answer questions you may have. If there is anything that is unclear or if you have specific questions regarding your situation, do not hesitate to contact the Field Office.  

Additional Available Field Placement Opportunities: 

  • Washington, D.C Program
  • International Field Placement Program 

Courses are subject to modification without advance notice.

Admission to 500-level courses is limited to graduate social work students only, unless consent of the instructor and the assistant dean is obtained. See the School of Social Work Master's Degree Program Student Handbook for additional course eligibility requirements.

Social Welfare Policy

Overview of the evolution of social welfare policies and services, and of how social problems affect societal groups. Includes examination of the tools and approaches that social workers might use in analysis and policy formulation.

Social Welfare Advanced Policy Analysis

The focus of this course is on social welfare policy analysis with particular emphasis on the influence of economic and political issues. This course emphasizes comparative research at both state and national levels.

Prerequisite(s): SW 500, SW 510, SW 511, SW 534, SW 540, SW 541, SW 542, SW 570 -OR- Set 2 (Advanced) SW 570, SW 577, SW 578, SW 579

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  • Dr. Smith Hatcher, Schnavia
Associate Deans
  • Dr. Cain, Daphne
  • Dr. Lee, Hee Yun
Program Directors
  • Curington, Allison
  • Jackson, M. Sebrena
  • Nelson-Gardell, Debra
  • Ruggiano, Nicole
  • Traylor, Amy C.
Field Education
  • Curington, Allison
  • Gibson, Kimberly
  • Smith, Shayla
  • Turner, Carrie
  • Cain, Daphne
  • Corcoran, Kevin
  • Csikai, Ellen
  • Lee, Hee Yun
  • Ruggiano, Nicole
  • Smith, Brenda
Associate Professors
  • Alameda-Lawson, Tania
  • Albright, David
  • Hopson, Laura M.
  • Nelson-Gardell, Debra M.
  • Noh, Hyunjin
  • Shah, Avani
  • Simon, Cassandra, E.
  • Traylor, Amy
Assistant Professors
  • Bennett, Daniel Jr.
  • Carlson, Catherine
  • Cheatham, Leah
  • Davis, Curtis
  • Green, Sha-Rhonda
  • Jackson, M. Sebrena
  • Johnson, Karen
  • Lee, Lewis
  • Littleton, Tenesha
  • McKinney, Robert Jr.
  • Starks, Karen
  • Lockhart, Angela
  • Payne, Nancy
  • Phelps, Carroll
  • Trosper, Peggy
  • Welker, Kathleen
  • Wilkes, Sherron
Professor Emeritus
  • Adams, James P. Jr.
  • Crow, Richard T.
  • Crunk, Phillip E.
  • Kaufman, Alan B.
  • Kosberg, Jordan I.
Associate Professor Emeritus
  • Bell, Roy F.
Assistant Professor Emeritus
  • Eure, Gerald K.
  • Sumrall, Raymond O.
Professor Emerita
  • Roff, Lucinda L.
Associate Professor Emerita
  • McClain, Shirley B.
  • Shelton, Sharon C.
Assistant Professor Emerita
  • Mueller, Thelma V.
  • Raymond, Ginny