The goal of the Interdisciplinary Studies MS program is to train bachelor’s degree recipients in new and emerging areas that lie at the intersection of two or more disciplines. A student can tailor the program to their professional goals and interests. The Interdisciplinary Studies MS program is intended for those whose degree goals are focused in the STEM fields. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to critically examine multiple sources of information, formulating responses to particular problems or questions. They will be able to demonstrate communication skills relevant to their disciplinary focuses and show competence in the processes of inquiry, at a level appropriate to a master’s degree.

Participants in the program can choose to follow a thesis (Plan I) or non-thesis (Plan II) track. Those following the thesis track must demonstrate their ability to articulate and address a research question utilizing appropriate methodologies. Non-thesis students must complete a Capstone Project. Through this project, they must demonstrate leadership and problem-solving skills relevant to their professional field. The Capstone Project can involve a graded internship.

The Interdisciplinary Studies MS as a Vessel Degree

Students who have earned one or more graduate certificates as non-degree-seeking students may be able to apply their certificates toward the Interdisciplinary Studies master’s degree. In this situation, related graduate certificates are connected to a coherent master’s degree through a Capstone Project.