Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

The department offers programs leading to the Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering degree and to the Doctor of Philosophy degree in the area of materials/metallurgical engineering.

Research interests of the department include thermodynamics and kinetics of molten metal processes, chemical metallurgy, metal-casting, corrosion phenomena, computer modeling of solidification and other metallurgical processes, electrodynamics of molten metals, metal matrix composites, thin-film technology, tribology, magnetic materials, microgravity effects in solidification, modeling microstructural evolution, and micromechanical behavior in cast materials, fracture mechanics, refractories, molten salts, electronic materials, thin films, and fuel cells, and phase equilibria. Facilities are available for directional and high-speed solidification, levitation melting, sputtering and chemical vapor-deposition, optical and electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, corrosion, nanoindentation, and electrochemistry, materials characterization facilities, MEMS and thermal properties, and thermodynamic properties. A metal-casting facility is equipped with up-to-date metal melting and casting equipment and is one of the finest facilities in the United States for teaching, research, and service to the metal-casting and processing industry. Well-qualified machinists are available for construction of highly specialized research equipment.
Computational facilities are comprehensive, ranging from workstations, minicomputers, and PC units with associated data-acquisition peripherals to access the campus mainframe equipment.

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An interdisciplinary PhD degree in materials science is also offered (see Interdisciplinary Programs). The graduate program in metallurgical and materials engineering allows for close association between graduate students and the faculty.


Department Head
  • Steven Daniewicz
Undergraduate Program Director
  • Mark Weaver
Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Ruigang Wang
  • Luke Brewer
  • Ramana Reddy
  • Gregory Thompson
  • Ruigang Wang
  • Mark Weaver
ACIPCO Professor
  • Ramana Reddy
Associate professors
  • Charles Monroe
  • Laurentiu Nastac
Assistant professors
  • Gregory Kubacki
  • Nilesh Kumar
  • Xin Wang
  • Qiaofu Zhang
Professor Emeritus
  • Subhadra Gupta
  • Doru Stefanescu
  • Takao Suzuki
  • Garry Warren
Associate Research Professional
  • Lorena Perez-Andrade
Adjunct Professors
  • Matthew Kasemer
  • Kasra Momeni


Solidificatn Science

Overview of the principles of solidification processing, the evolution of solidification microstructure, segregation, defects and the use of analytical and computational tools for the design, understanding and use of solidification processes.

Metallurgy Of Welding

Thermal, chemical, and mechanical aspects of welding using the fusion welding process. The metallurgical aspects of welding, including microstructure and properties of the weld, are also covered. Various topics on recent trends in welding research.

Prerequisite(s): MTE 380

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