The bachelor's degree includes a 33-hour core of kinesiology courses. Students then opt to take 36 hours of electives. 

Clinical Assistant Professor Colleen Geary
Office: 1023 Moore Hall

This area of study leads to the bachelor of science in education degree and requires the completion of 120 semester hours as specified below. The program does not lead to professional certification as a teacher. A prospective student must

  1. complete 45 hours of applicable courses toward the degree, and
  2. have at least a 2.0 GPA before taking upper-division (300-level or above) courses in the program of study.

General Studies: 50 hours

See general studies requirements listed earlier in this section. The following exceptions apply:

  • Area II: Student may substitute a different Area II course for the public-speaking requirement.
  • Area III: BSC 109 Intro Biology Non Maj II should be taken to meet prerequisite requirements. Students pursuing pre-professional studies should take BSC 114 with BSC 115 instead of BSC 109.

Kinesiology Core

All students in the major must complete the kinesiology core:

BSC 215Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
ATR 272First Aid, Safety & CPR1
BSC 216Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
KIN 199Ecol Appr Hlth & Fitness3
KIN 300Intro to Kinesiology3
KIN 362Motor Development3
KIN 365Applied Biomechanics3
KIN 366Evaluation and Measurement3
KIN 464Admin Phys Educ & Sport3
KIN 468Adapted Physical Education3
KIN 492Physiology of Exercise3
Total Hours33

Electives: 36 hours

Students in the major must complete a minimum of 36 hours of electives taken from the following list. This should be discussed with an advisor in the Department of Kinesiology.

ATR 257Intro to Athletic Training3
CH 101General Chemistry4
CH 102General Chemistry4
HHE 370Prin/Foundatn Health Promotion3
HHE 378Drug Awareness Education3
HHE 440Understanding Stress Mgt3
HHE 467Design Eval Health Promo3
KIN leisure activity1
300-level or above KIN (coaching)3
KIN 306Analysis Teaching Movement I3
KIN 388Professional Dev. in Fitness3
KIN 387Adapted Sports Professional Development3
KIN 401Sport Admin.: Princ. and Pract3
KIN 402Sport Marketing3
KIN 403Legal Issues in Sport3
KIN 404Financial Issues in Sport3
KIN 486Internships-Disability Sport6
KIN 488Internships-Fitness1-12
KIN 493Fit Apprsl Exer Prescrip3
KIN 496Independent Study3
MATH 113Precalculus Trigonometry3
NHM 101Intro Human Nutrition3
NHM 210Dynamics Weight Control3
NHM 315Nutrition For Performance3
NHM 401Nutrition Health Profesn3
PH 101General Physics I4
PH 102General Physics II4
PY 211Elem Statistical Methods3
PY elective3
PY elective3
SPE 300Survey Spe Accomd Stratg3

Types of Jobs Accepted

Graduates pursue jobs such as exercise physiologist, personal trainer, coach, athletic coordinator, sport nutritionist, scientist, or physical therapist.

Jobs of Experienced Alumni

Experienced alumni serve in positions such as strength and conditioning coach, exercise physiologist, university professor, research scientist, coach, personal trainer, physical therapist and occupational therapist.