Offered by the Department of Communication Studies, the Leadership Communication Program (LCP) is a certificate program designed to give students from around the University the opportunity to focus on the development of their communication skills in organizations with diverse groups of people, as well as the development of their leadership skills in action, through service learning and supervised study.

The Leadership Communication Program Certificate consists of 15 hours of the following:

More InformationHours
Core Competencies
COM 220 or Interpersonal Communication3
COM 225 Small Group Communicatn
COM 350Organizatnl Communicatn3
COM 460Group Leadership3
Capstone Course: Communication Training and Development 13
Select one of the following:3
Communication & Diversity
Communication & Gender
Total Hours15

The capstone course has a service-learning component in a not-for profit environment and provides certificate students with hands-on experience with organizational audits and communication training. Candidates for the certificate must complete an application form before the certificate can be awarded. Application forms must be completed and submitted no later than the semester prior to the semester of graduation.