Marketing provides a broad set of skills and interests that cover sales, retail operations, research skills, and import/export operations and logistics.

Marketing is primarily concerned with two main concepts: the identification and assessment of consumer and industrial market needs and the development of marketing programs to satisfy those needs. Marketing personnel in profit and nonprofit organizations analyze markets and industries to define new opportunities and refine existing opportunities. Marketers also are responsible for developing and managing products and services, along with promotion, distribution, and pricing appropriate to the targeted market opportunities. Students who major in marketing enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities. These include sales and sales management, services marketing, retailing, brand management, market research, distribution and logistics, and advertising.

Code and Title Hours
A minimum grade of C- is required for each course.
MKT 313Consumer Behavior3
MKT 337Personal Selling3
MKT 410Managing Innovation3
MKT 411Supply Chain Management3
MKT 473Marketing Research3
MKT 487Strategic Marketing3
Total Hours18

Numerous opportunities exist for students with marketing degrees. Some of those include sales, branding, supply chain, marketing research analysis, retail and purchasing, import/export operations, and logistics management. At the doctoral level, most graduates take on professorial positions.

Types of Jobs Accepted

international marketing manager, global research analyst, international procurement position, export sales representative, procurement manager, project director, international logistics, corporate logistics manager, international shipping specialist, customs broker, sales representative, and management development

Jobs of Experienced Alumni

Some of our more experienced alumni currently hold the following types of positions: chief executive officer, chief financial officer, business owners, and vice president of sales. Graduates of our doctoral program hold various professorial positions including dean and associate dean.

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