Students in business are encouraged to complete a Certificate in Ethics and Social Responsibility, which will be recognized on their transcripts. Goals of the program are to increase students' abilities to recognize moral dilemmas and exercise moral decision-making abilities, and to develop insights into contemporary ethical issues faced by individuals and organizations. In addition, a goal of the program is to focus campus attention on the importance of addressing ethical issues and creating graduates who will be recognized for having formally addressed these issues.


  1. one course with a primary ethics and social responsibility focus (recommended: PHL 292 Introduction to Ethics or MGT 341 Business Ethics)
  2. one course in service learning (click here for a list), or participation in the Moral Forum
  3. participation in three activities or events (at lease one should be held each semester) with approved ethics and social responsibility content, to include presentations on relevant subjects and discussion sessions covering readings or other assignments

Culverhouse students interested in this certificate should contact the Department of Management in 100 Alston Hall.