Taking the classes required for the Analytical Excellence Certificate in Business will give students the best possible background for graduate work in business or for work in the most technically demanding areas.

This program allows talented students to use the math skills they acquired in high school and to develop quantitative skills equivalent to those developed by engineering graduates. In addition, the designation allows them to signal to employers and others that they have completed a special curriculum. The required courses include the regular calculus sequence. After completing the calculus sequence, students in the program have the choice of several additional classes to complete the program. Students who complete this program will be excellent candidates to enroll in the best graduate business programs in the country.

A cumulative UA GPA of 3.5 at graduation is required to complete this certificate. 

This certificate is only available to students in the Culverhouse College of Business. Interested students should contact the Department of Finance, Economics and Legal Studies in 200 Alston Hall.

Required Courses
MATH 125Calculus I4
MATH 126Calculus II4
MATH 227Calculus III4
Select three of the following:9
Introduction to Linear Algebra
Appld Diff Equations I
Mathematical Statistics I
Theory Of Probability
Mathematical Statistics II
Math Stats W/Applictn I
Econ Forecasting & Analysis
Statistical Methods in Research I
Statistical Methods in Research II
Mathematics For Finance I
Marketing Research
Total Hours21