Risk complicates business and life.  Every day companies and individuals confront catastrophic risks emanating from natural disasters, lawsuits, fire, and many other sources.   Students in the Risk Management, Insurance, and Financial Services  minor learn to identify and manage risks.  They are trained for careers in the insurance and financial services industries, as professional risk managers, and as knowledgeable consumers as they navigate the risks in their own lives.  Culverhouse has been designated a Global Center of Insurance Excellence, ranking among the top schools in the world for students seeking a risk management career.

Risk Management, Insurance, and Financial Services minor

FI 341Fund. of Risk Mgt. & Ins.3
Choose at least 2 courses from the following list:6
Personal Asset Management
Probability for Actuaries
Financial Math for Actuaries
Business Risk Management
Property Liability Insurance
Life & Health Insurance
Estates & Trusts
Choose additional courses from the following list (to reach the required 15 hours)*:6
Intro to Fraud Risk Management
Real Estate Finance and Invest
Effective Negotiations
Personal Selling
*You can choose to take up to 4 courses from the first list, if desired.
Total Hours15