Department of Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Arts program in Criminal Justice at the University of Alabama is an interdisciplinary program devoted to preparing students for graduate studies, law school and specialist careers in private industry, federal or state government. Faculty members in Criminal Justice have earned doctoral degrees in Criminology, Social Science, Justice, Law and Society and Sociology. Our research interests are diverse and typically transcend traditional criminal justice topics. For example, we have internationally renowned experts in HIV/AIDS, terrorism, drug addiction, domestic violence and eating and sexual disorders. We also examine the more traditional areas of crime, law enforcement, incarceration and court proceedings. Our focus is on an individualized learning experience for all students. As faculty, we pride ourselves on conducting research with students and our collaborative efforts with students often appear in journal articles and conference presentations.

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The Department of Criminal Justice offers a bachelor of arts (BA) degree in criminal justice and minors in criminal justice, cyber criminology, and sociology.


  • Reid, Lesley Departmental Chair
  • Johnson, Ida
  • Lanier, Mark M.
  • Litchenstein, Bronwen
Associate Professors
  • Lankford, Adam
  • Prohaska, Ariane
  • Williams, Jimmy J.
Assistant Professors
  • Dolliver, Diana
  • Dolliver, Matthew
  • Kenney, Jennifer
  • Wakeham, Josh
  • Bryant, Chenoia
  • Clay, Daniel
  • Guidry, Tiffiny
  • Klutz, Douglas
  • Olin, Lin


Intro Criminal Justice

An overview of the criminal justice system with emphasis on the roles and problems of law enforcement, courts, and correctional components. CJ 100 is a prerequisite for all 300- and 400-level criminal justice courses.

Intro To Sociology

Introduction to the scientific study of human social behavior.

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