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Amy F. Ratliff, Director
Office: 2004 HM Comer

In order to promote, encourage, and improve the education of students and to provide maximum service to industry, business, and government agencies, The University of Alabama offers qualified students opportunities to participate in the Cooperative Education Program, or co-op. Cooperative education is an academic program in which students alternate periods of full-time study with periods of full-time employment. This program offers work related to the academic major or career interests of each student, greatly enhancing the student's employment prospects after graduation. It also gives the student a better understanding of the value of human relations, encourages the student to excel academically, and assists the student financially.

A student planning to enter the Cooperative Education Program should give particular attention to the entrance requirements of the University division he or she plans to enter. Generally, courses scheduled for the first year must be completed before a student may begin the first work period.

The University assumes primary responsibility for placing qualified students in available positions for the purpose of providing the best education possible. It is impossible, however, for the University to guarantee employment for all students in the Cooperative Education Program. Co-op students are currently working with a diverse group of employers at sites across the United States. Applicants are often matched with their co-op employers during Co-op Interview Days held each October and February.

For more information about the program, contact The University of Alabama, Cooperative Education Program, Box 870293, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0200; call 205-348-6422; or visit the co-op website.