The Honors College partners with departments across the institution to provide enhanced experiences for Honors College students. These unique partnerships afford Honors College students the ability to engage in programs and initiatives that maximize their potential while earning Honors credit. Students may apply for these programs after being accepted into the Honors College and must remain in the Honors College to take advantage of the opportunities.

Following the basic principles of the existing Manderson MBA degree, the STEM Path to the MBA focuses on attracting high-quality undergraduate students majoring in science, technology, engineering and math disciplines. The program offers an innovative approach to engage students early on as undergraduates and leverage non-traditional instruction delivery methods to allow top students to complete the MBA in one additional calendar year. The primary purpose of the path is to provide high-achieving students with the business knowledge needed to successfully manage STEM businesses.

The STEM Path targets high-quality, incoming freshmen who have chosen to major in STEM disciplines at UA. Applicants who hold a minimum high-school GPA of 3.5 and a minimum ACT score of 28 will be offered early admission to the MBA program. During the junior year, students will apply for admission to the Graduate School for the MBA program.

Students are admitted conditionally (at the end of the junior year) into the graduate MBA program if they achieve a 3.3 overall undergraduate GPA, complete the undergraduate degree in a STEM discipline, and achieve a score of 650 or better on the GMAT or 1300 or better on the GRE prior to completion of their undergraduate degree. To be finally admitted for graduate study, students must be accepted into the MBA program and reach UA requirements of a 3.3 undergraduate GPA and a GMAT score of 650 or GRE score of 1300.

During each semester of their four years of undergraduate study, students enroll in a 1.5-credit hour STEM Business Honors course. These honors courses focus on communication and leadership skills and provide students with the opportunity to work in teams on community projects. The goal is to develop an appreciation and understanding of the importance of management skills in science and technology careers and create an opportunity to network with other students, managers and executives from technology companies, as well as MBA faculty.

During the summer following the completion of 91 hours, and upon admission into the Graduate School, students complete 9 hours of online business courses. Upon completion of the undergraduate degree, these 9 credit hours count toward the MBA degree. With the 3 credit hours of STEM Business Honors coursework achieved during the last year of undergraduate study, this is a total of 12 hours of credit counting toward the MBA degree.