The University of Alabama Global Studies Certificate (GSC) is designed to introduce the undergraduate student to the cultural, economic, physical and political aspects of being a world citizen in the 21st century. The emphasis is the contemporary rather than the historical. Nine hours of the program are specified as GSC core (usually lower division) and ideally are taken prior to the six emphasis area hours (usually upper division).

The CIP 200 Introduction To Global Studies or CIP 202 Introduction to Global Studies: Experiential Learning  course should be taken first in the sequence of GSC Core and emphasis area courses, but the remaining courses may be taken in any order. The introductory course sets the basis for the student's approach to the entire Global Studies Certificate curriculum, both core and upper division, emphasis area courses.

Students must successfully complete a total of 15 hours of coursework as specified below. Some courses may have prerequisites. Candidates for the certificate must complete an application form before the certificate can be listed on their transcript. Application forms are available in the Capstone International Center, Room 135 B.B. Comer Hall, and from our website (

More InformationHours
Mandatory introductory course
CIP 200 or Introduction To Global Studies3
CIP 202 Introduction to Global Studies: Experiential Learning
Select two of seven existing courses:6
Intro Cultural Anthropology
World Regional Geography
People, Places, and Environment
Culture & Human Experience
Intro To Religious Studies
Intro to Religions of the World
Intro To Sociology
GSC emphasis area courses
Select 6 hours of the following:6
Intro American Studies: World Nation & Region
Contemporary America
Peoples Of Europe 1
Peoples Of Latin Amer 1
Peoples Of Asia 1
Anthropology of Art
Cult Dynam Apparel Text
Text Apparl Intnat Trade
Intercultural Communication
International Trade
International Finance
Economic Development of Latin America
World Literature I
World Literature II
Special Topics In Literature
Intro To Linguistics
Directed Readings
Geography Of Africa
Cultural Geography
Context of Global Business
Introduction to World Business
Multinational Business Communication
Music In World Cultures
Social Change
Globalization & Folk Crft Prod
International Relations
Soviet Post Sov Politics
Government Politics West Europ
For Pol Sov Un Suc State
Amer Foreign Policy
Internatl Polit Econom
Internatl Conflict
International Organizations
Intro To Religious Studies
Survey Of Asian Religion
Philosophies Of Judaism
TCF 340
Independent study (all colleges) 2
Select 3 hours
Language studies (FL or HU for some) 3
Select 6 hours
Total Hours15

NOTE: As course offerings change, subject to the approval of the GSC advisor additional courses may be used to satisfy the required emphasis hours.


Offered according to demand.


Special Topics/Field Education/Directed Readings with permission of department/professor and GSC advisor.


All MLC and critical languages at the 300 to 400 level are eligible.