The minor in Global and Cultural Perspectives introduces undergraduate students to the cultural, economic, physical, and political aspects of being a world citizen in the 21st century.  The emphasis is on the contemporary rather than the historical.  Students must successfully complete a total of 15 hours of coursework from the list of courses that accompanies this submission.

The minor allows students to explore the meaning of culture and discuss how it is acquired, to practice and develop cross-cultural communication skills, and to engage in activities that will help them become more aware of how diverse backgrounds affect the manner in which we communicate in both professional and non-professional/social settings.  In addition, the minor increases students’ awareness and knowledge of contemporary global geography, politics, and economics placed within the context of the history, politics, and culture of the locations and peoples involved.

Required Introductory Course (3 hrs)
CIP 200 or Global & Cultural Perspectives3
CIP 202 Global&Cultural Persp: ExpLrng
Two from the following courses (6 hrs)6
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
World Regional Geography
People, Places, & Environment
Intro To Religious Studies
Religions of World
Intro To Sociology
Freshman Seminar (Cultural Literacy Seminar)
EMPHASIS AREA COURSES - 6 hrs from the following:6
America and the World
Contemporary America
Peoples of Europe
Peoples of Latin Amer
Anthropology of Art
Social Psychol Foundtns Educ
Social Psychol Foundtns Educ
School, Culture, and Society
Cult Dynam Apparel Text
Text Apparl Intnat Trade
Intercultural Communication
International Trade
International Finance
World Literature I
World Literature II
Special Topics In Literature
Intro To Linguistics
Adv Stdy Comptv Multi-Cutl Lit
Directed Readings
Geography Of Africa
Geography of Europe
Cultural Geography
Health Disparities
Drugs, Booze, and Mexican Society
Context of Global Business
Introduction to World Business
Multinat'l Bus. Communication
Global Marketing
International Cinema
Chamber Music (African drumming only)
Music In World Cultures
Cooperation & Conflict
Honors: Coop. & Conflict
Social Change
Globalization & Folk Crft Prod
Special Topics (Music & Activism: Global Case Studies OR Global Health)
PHL Issues-International Law
International Relations
Government Politics West Europ
Amer Foreign Policy
Internatl Polit Econom
Internatl Conflict
Survey Of Asian Religion
African Diaspora Religions
Philosophies Of Judaism
Rel & Ident in South Asia
Tales from Asia
Independent study (all colleges) 1
Language study 2
Total Hours15