A student registered in an undergraduate division of The University of Alabama who has earned fewer than 45 semester hours may transfer to another undergraduate division. A student who has earned 45 or more semester hours may transfer to another undergraduate division according to the rules established by the division to which he or she is applying. Credit will be given for courses in which a passing grade has been earned, provided the courses transferred are appropriate to the new curriculum. Credits accepted for graduation are determined by the academic division into which the transfer is made. Check the DegreeWorks audit at myBama.ua.edu to determine how credit is being applied in the new program of study.

Changes in the student's major(s) and minor(s) must be registered with the new academic division immediately following the transfer. Transfers between academic divisions will not be permitted once the registration process has been completed for a given term. At the discretion of the school or college concerned, a student may, upon entering another division of the University, petition to discard all credit previously earned. This recourse is limited to students who have attempted no more than 20 semester credit hours.