The University of Alabama School of Law offers the Doctor of Juridical Science (J.S.D.) to the very best of lawyers already holding the LL.M. degree and seeking to earn the terminal degree, usually in preparation for an academic career in law teaching. The program is offered in residence at The University of Alabama School of Law.

Admission Requirements 

The Graduate Admissions Committee of the Law School will review all applications for admission. The Committee will evaluate each candidate based on the likelihood of success in the program.

Required Documents Include: 

  • J.S.D. application, dated and signed along with the application fee. 
  • Transcripts, certificates, and diplomas from all colleges and/or universities attended, including transcripts, certificates, and diplomas from the institution(s) that conferred the first degree in law and the LL.M. degree or from the institution that will confer the LL.M. degree.
  • A resume describing academic and professional experiences including scholarly publications or other original published works.
  • A Personal statement containing personal background, explanation of enrolling in the J.S.D. Program, and career goals. 
  • A Plan of Study and Dissertation Topic Proposal with the names of one or two University of Alabama School of Law faculty members who have agreed to supervise the dissertation. The Admissions Committee and the Director of International Programs are available to assist in identifying faculty members who may agree to supervise a dissertation. 
  • Two letters of recommendation focused on academic or scholarly qualifications. 
  • Completed Certification of Finances (Affidavit of Support); Information for Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status; and Transfer Recommendation of Student’s Non-immigrant Status, if applicable. 
  • Code of Conduct Information and any supplementary documentation
  • Official TOEFL report or IELTS score if language of instruction was not English submitted from the testing service. 
  • Copy of the front and back of resident card or visa. 

The Law School begins accepting applications on September 1st in the year prior to the year in which you wish to enroll.

Degree Requirements 

Candidates are required to successfully complete 48 hours of LAW 799 Research Project and defend a doctoral dissertation. 

Code and Title Hours
Required Courses
LAW 799Research Project24
LAW 908Dissertation Research : JSD Program12
LAW 909Dissertation Writing: JSD Program12
Doctoral Dissertation Defense
Total Hours48