Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

The department offers programs leading to the Doctor of Philosophy and the Master of Science in Chemical Engineering. The graduate program in Chemical and Biological Engineering is designed to provide a balance between engineering science and practical applications. Faculty members work closely with students in coursework and in research.

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Department Chair
  • Turner, C. Heath
  • Bara, Jason E.
  • Gupta, Arunava
  • Mumper, Russell J., University of Alabama Vice President
  • Turner, C. Heath
  • Wiest, John M.
Associate Professors
  • Bao, Yuping
  • Brazel, Christopher S.
  • Huang, Qiang
  • Kim, Yonghyun (John)
  • Klein, Tonya M.
  • Rao, Shreyas S.
  • Ritchie, Stephen M. C.
Adjunct Professors
  • Flowers, Brian
  • Gibson, Daniel
  • Jackson, Enrique
  • Kumar, Ravi
  • Lizarazo-Adarme, Jair A.
  • O'Harra, Kathryn
  • Rupar, Paul A.
  • Street, Shane C.
  • Weaver, Mark L.
Assistant Professors
  • Sheehan, James
  • Esfahani, Milad Rabbani
  • Harris, James W.
  • Koh, Amanda S.
  • Summers, Ryan M.
  • Szilvási, Tibor
  • Weinman, Steven T.
  • Zhao, Chao
Emeritus Professors
  • April, Gary
  • Arnold, David W.
  • Carlson, Eric
  • Clements, William
  • Lane, Alan
  • McKinley, Marvin
  • Manisali, Ahmet Y.


Polymer Materials Engineering

Introduction to the manufacture, processing, and applications of organic polymeric materials. This course covers the chemistry of polymer manufacture, the molecular structures of polymers, and the structure-property relationships for thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

Computer Methods in Chemical Engineering

A survey of common software, data processing, and statistical analysis tools applied to chemical engineering, science, and general interest topics. This course covers the fundamentals of computer programming (coding) and problem solving for chemical engineering students. Offered primarily in the fall semester.

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