Admission Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the minimum admission requirements established by the Graduate School. Applicants with degrees in disciplines other than geography or with background deficiencies may be required to complete certain undergraduate requirements. An applicant to the PhD program is normally required to have a master's degree; however, an applicant with exceptional credentials may be admitted directly into the PhD program.

See the Admission Criteria section of this catalog for more information.

Doctor of Philosophy

The PhD program requires a minimum of 48 hours of coursework beyond the baccalaureate degree (that may include up to 24 credit hours of approved graduate-level coursework transferred from a master's program and a maximum of 12 hours of non-thesis or non-dissertation research), 24 hours of dissertation research, and a dissertation. A dissertation committee should be established by the end of the first semester of residence and a dissertation project should be established by the end of the third semester of residence. Each PhD candidate must pass a candidacy examination, submit and successfully defend a dissertation proposal, and pass an oral dissertation defense. Additional information is given in the Department of Geography PhD Graduate Handbook